Shorty DOC Complete Upper Receiver MLOK 5.56


The Upper receiver from the Shorty DOC. Comes with the MD Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group and Radian Charging handle. Details below.

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  • Shorty Doc Upper Receiver MLOK

    • The billeted upper receiver stands as a pinnacle of precision engineering, meticulously honed to exacting tolerances that define its superior performance. Its design incorporates a flawlessly flat barrel face, ensuring perfect alignment with the upper, thereby elevating accuracy to unprecedented levels. The reduced barrel seat size necessitates thermal fitting, resulting in a snug fit that not only enhances precision but also promotes increased and repeatable accuracy.
    • Enhancing both aesthetics and functionality, the E Series Cerakote is expertly layered atop type 3 anodizing. This dual-layered coating not only imparts a sleek appearance but also serves a crucial functional purpose. It significantly reduces wear on components and fortifies the entire rifle against corrosion, ensuring an extended lifespan for this precision-crafted firearm.


    • The Thermal Fit Barrel-to-Upper connection forges a rock-solid bond, securing the barrel in place with precision while minimizing wear to the bolt. This connection ensures unwavering stability, guaranteeing accuracy and enhancing the overall longevity of the firearm.
    • The 10.3-inch CrMov barrel, featuring a 1:7 twist and QPQ nitride finish, epitomizes heightened durability, ensuring longevity and exceptional performance.
    • Carbine Length gas system, this configuration optimizes the firearm’s performance and reliability across a spectrum of shooting scenarios. The adaptability of this system makes it a reliable choice, offering versatility and consistent functionality in a range of applications.
    • This thoughtful integration of components ensures that the firearm operates with optimal performance, reinforcing its reliability and adaptability for shooters in various environments and scenarios.


    • MD marked Radian ambi charging handle.
    • The MD Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group, expertly coated in ArmorLube, actively mitigates friction, thereby contributing significantly to the firearm’s overall efficiency and reliability.
    • The 9.5-inch handguard, thoughtfully designed with Mlok at 3, 6, 9, and 45-degree intervals, provides abundant space for accessories. Anti-rotational tabs, in conjunction with a patented retention system, guarantee steadfast handguard placement even under the most rigorous usage conditions.
    • A2 Birdcage muzzle device, adding the final touch to the Shorty Doc Upper Receiver
    • The Shorty Doc Upper Receiver stands as a testament to an unwavering commitment to precision. In its entirety, this firearm epitomizes meticulous craftsmanship, innovative design, and cutting-edge features, setting an unparalleled standard for excellence in the realm of firearms. The integration of these advanced features ensures that the Shorty Doc Upper Receiver delivers optimal performance, making it a reliable and precise choice for discerning shooters.

Additional information


E series Cerakote on top of Type 3 Hardcoat Anodized


10.3 CrMov Steel finished in QPQ nitride 1:7 Twist


MD Thermal fit billet upper


9.5 with Mlok at 3,6,9 as well as 45s, anti rotational tabs, Patented retention system.

Charging Handle

MD Marked Radian Raptor Ambi

Gas system

Carbine Length

Gas block

Non Adjustable, Pinned


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