Treatment Options

The “DOC”

DOC is far from your typical black rifle. It represents a new era of craftsmanship and precision, surpassing industry standards in every aspect. Meticulously engineered upon the rock-solid MILSPEC design, this exceptional firearm leaves no room for compromise. With unwavering focus on rugged reliability and unmatched accuracy, DOC is the epitome of our relentless commitment to excellence. Whether you’re honing your skills at the range or facing the most demanding situations, trust in DOC to surpass your expectations and deliver unparalleled performance.

The “Rat Dog” PCC

The Rat Dog rifle was meticulously crafted to be the epitome of reliability and functionality. It was designed to excel in the most demanding conditions, ensuring you stay in the fight, no matter how dirty or tired. This PCC features a specially designed two-stage trigger that can withstand the increased stress exerted by a blowback gas system, providing unrivaled durability and consistent performance. The enhanced buffer system works harmoniously with the BCG to deliver an exceptionally reliable and enjoyable shooting experience.

The “Rat Dog” PCC

The whole Mitchell Defense line up is built around reliability. The Rat Dog is no exception. These rifles were designed to be the most reliable and functional PCCs on the market. Being a lot of fun shoot is just a bonus.

The “Pipe Hitter”

These are the heavy hitters on the Mitchell Defense line up. If you need to reach out and touch something or just need a little extra slap, we have an option for you. Made with the same care as the DOC line just larger the handle the bigger cartridges.


Mitchell Defense is a veteran owned and operated manufacturer in Glenside PA. We specialize in the AR platform. We make rifles in the AR10, AR15, AR9 platform and every rifle was designed to be accurate, reliable and durable. There is nothing standard about our rifles and almost every part of our rifles have been enhanced in some way for reliability and durability.

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