up close view of the MD enhance Bolt Carrier Group BCG

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Need assistance? Check out the FAQ’s below! If those don’t help, our support team will assist anywhere they can. If you have a question, please reach out by the form below, email us at support@mitchelldefense.com, or call us at (267) 204-3674.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yup the dealers on the map are just dealers that have signed up for our dealer program. We can ship to any FFL in the united states.

Yes, it’s completely legal. We are a licensed FFL and SOT. However, we are not able to ship guns directly to you. We will ship to your local FFL/gundealer and they will handle the background checks and all paperwork for the transfer.

You can reach out directly to your local gun store have them email a copy of their FFL to FFL@mitchelldefense.com. Let us know if they want us to request it from them.

Generally, you will need to get a fingerprint card and passport photo done. Most Gun shops that process NFA items will be able to do both of those for you. Once the shop has received your item you can go in and fill out all the paperwork. The main one is going to be your form 4 documents and paying the $200 tax stamp. The shop will then submit the form 4 for you and the wait begins. The amount of time for an approval of a form 4 is between 30-300 days. It’s really all over the place but I’d expect 7-8 months. The shop that files the paperwork will hold onto the item until the paperwork is approved. If you have any questions your local FFL will be your local subject matter expert. 

This just means that the item isn’t currently in stock and may have a longer lead time after purchasing. We are doing our best to keep this lead time down and keep things in stock. If you place an order on back order, you will be put in line, and we will ship your rifle before we add any inventory to the website. You get first dibs.

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