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We are proud to be recognized as a Veteran-Owned Small Business.

Established in 2019, Mitchell Defense proudly stands as a veteran-owned firearms manufacturing company.

My journey commenced with a profound passion for shooting and hunting, cultivated during my Texas upbringing. Additionally, this enthusiasm gained even more momentum when I enlisted in the US Navy at the age of 17.


During my Navy service, I served as a deck seaman on a 7th fleet ship as well s a corpsman with the marines. The specialized training as a Corpsman included intensive courses like Army Airborne, Field Med, Marine BRC (basic recon course), Marine combat dive school, and Navy Dive medicine. Consequently, as a corpsman, we acquired a comprehensive understanding of the human body to improvise in resource-limited environments.

Oil Fields

In 2015, my military career concluded, propelling me to West Texas to manage an oil field pipe inspection business. Operating critical equipment, I applied the problem-solving approach from military medicine to machines, comprehending their workings to minimize downtime and enhance efficiency through modern manufacturing techniques.

Mitchell Defense

Fast forward to 2019, I sold my share in the business and relocated to the northeast to be closer to my wife’s family. In this transformative year, Mitchell Defense came into being. Drawing from Navy and West Texas experiences, I applied this knowledge to the AR platform, resulting in a meticulously designed weapon system for improved accuracy, durability, and reliability. Transitioning to the manufacturing phase, we emphasized utilizing modern techniques and advanced coating technology to enhance performance.

The Company

Mitchell Defense rifles, crafted and designed by individuals with practical rifle experience, stand firmly on the pillars of Accuracy, Durability, and Reliability. Transitioning to the assembly phase, each rifle undergoes meticulous hand assembly and rigorous quality control checks to meet Mitchell Defense Rifle standards. The final question in the QC process is crucial: “Would you trust this rifle with your life?”

Our story isn’t merely a narrative; it defines who we are. Furthermore, we take immense pride in backing our products and the commitment to excellence that propels us forward. Additionally, Mitchell Defense is unwaveringly dedicated to delivering firearms that surpass expectations, ensuring reliability, accuracy, and durability in every conceivable scenario.

– Nathan Mitchell, Founder of Mitchell Defense