Mitchell Defense is a veteran-owned and operated firearms manufacturing company that was founded in 2019.

My journey began with a deep-rooted passion for shooting and hunting, cultivated during my childhood in Texas. This passion only grew stronger when I joined the US Navy at the age of 17.

My time in the Navy, including the hell of earth experience of serving as a deck seaman on a ship in 7th fleet, followed by specialized training as a Corpsman attending various courses like Army Airborne, Field Med, Marine BRC (basic recon course), Marine combat dive school, and Navy Dive medicine. As a corpsman we learned how the body worked so we could improvise in environments with little to no resources.

In 2015, my military career came to an end. I moved out to West Texas to run an oil field pipe inspection business with my father and brother. In that business we had equipment that was critical to our operations. When those machines were down it cost money and we couldn’t wait for service. I took the same approach I learned in military medicine and learned how the machines worked so I could work on them and improve the weak points. Over those few years I learned a lot about how to increase efficiency and minimize downtime of equipment by using modern manufacturing techniques.

In 2019 I sold my part in that business and moved up to the northeast to be closer to my wife’s family. That same year Mitchell Defense was born. I took everything I learned in the Navy and in West Texas and applied it to the AR platform. What resulted from that is a weapon system that is designed from the ground up to be more accurate, durable and reliable by utilizing modern manufacturing and top of the line coating technology.

Mitchell Defense rifles are built and designed by people that use or have used a rifle in their job. Accuracy, Durability and Reliability are the three pillars MD rifles are built on. Each rifle is meticulously hand-assembled and undergoes rigorous quality control checks to ensure it meets the stringent standards of becoming a Mitchell Defense Rifle. Every rifle that leaves the facility goes through a final QC question of “would you trust this rifle with your life”.

We are proud to stand behind our products and the commitment to excellence that drives us. Mitchell Defense is dedicated to providing shooters with firearms that exceed expectations, ensuring reliability, accuracy, and functionality in every scenario.

– Nathan Mitchell, Founder of Mitchell Defense

We are proud to be recognized as a Veteran-Owned Small Business.