LEO / MilitaryAR-Style Comparison for LEO Patrol Rifles

Selecting a Mitchell Defense Duty Rifle

When choosing a rifle to take on patrol it’s not an easy choice and nor should it be. It’s the tool that could potentially save your life and take another’s life as well. Those are two things to not take lightly. Before I get to talking about the pros and cons to our firearms for law enforcement, let’s touch on things I think you should be looking for in a rifle.

3 Qualities Every Patrol Rifle Must Have

Durability, Accuracy, and Reliability would be the 3 things I would need in a rifle before I would trust it with my life. That’s why those are the pillars of the design of our rifles. Durability so you know it will last you. Accuracy so you can have shot accountability. Reliability so you know it will work when you need it to. No matter what you choose from us you will get those 3 pillars standard.

The Patrol DOC

Now the Patrol doc is one of our most popular duty duty rifles for law enforcement and that’s for a good reason. You don’t have to wait for the NFA process to get it. This rifle comes in both 14.5 (with pin and welding  device) and 16 in configuration and both have a mid-length gas system. Mid length is a great system because it will run with a suppressor and is much smoother than shorter systems. That combined with our buffer system you get a very flat shooting rifle so you can keep your eyes on the target shot after shot. It also comes with a 416R stainless steel barrel dipped in QPQ Nitride that with the right ammo will hold ½ MOA accuracy. As far as performance you can’t beat the Patrol Doc. Most recent testing has shown it will run 17,000+ rounds without any issues and that’s without cleaning or lube.

The Shorty DOC

The Shorty Doc is my personal favorite duty rifle. This little guy is perfect for statistically everything. The only bad part is you must go through the NFA process to buy it as a personal weapon to use on duty. If you don’t mind waiting for it then stop reading and go buy one. This rifle has Sub MOA accuracy and a CrMoV barrel that is QPQ nitride. The carbine gas system isn’t as ideal as the Mid Length but you still will have virtually zero muzzle rise all thanks to the smooth as butter buffer system. Being as short as it is, adding a suppressor to this doesn’t make the rifle insanely long. We all know long rifles are a pain to get in and out of cars with quickly. This has been the go-to for any department buying rifles for their SWAT teams and other direct-action units. Mostly because they can maneuver in a house with a suppressor or without extremely efficiently. They also run as good as the Patrol doc as far as endurance.

Law Enforcement Purchase Information

If you are active Law Enforcement and interested in buying one of these duty weapons for yourself or the department reach out because we have the best firearms discounts in the industry for LEO. We do our very best to get y’all a patrol rifle that won’t break the bank, but also stands up to what you need it to be. Use this contact form today, to reach out to Mitchell Defense.

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