Product UpdatesThe DOC update shown with new lower receiver

What’s New With This Update

I’m very excited to announce the release of our new Gen 2 lower receivers. We have also done a significant design that is being released at the same time. Everything we have done in this redesign has added to improving the 3 pillars of our rifles. That is durability, accuracy and reliability. At Mitchell Defense we are dedicated to continued updates to the platform to provide the best in class rifles for our warfighters, law enforcement and civilians. 

Gen 2 Lowers

The major update to this as I’m sure everyone has seen on our social media is the right-side bolt release. I even think I’ve mentioned it in a few articles as well. This improves the functionality of the rifles significantly by giving the operator the ability to manipulate the bolt release easily in a left- and right-hand shooting position. So, these will now be shipping with full ambi controls with the exception of the mag release which I explain why in “Why Ambidextrous Controls” article. This update applies to all the DOC rifles effective today. Get em while they are hot.

E Series Cerakote

The second upgrade we did is add E Series Cerakote ceramic coating to the AR rifles. E Series is Cerakote’s best coating option by a long shot. It has improvement is durability, corrosion resistance, and lubricity as compared to other versions. We will be doing a hard coat type 3 anodize and then putting the cerakote on top of it. The anodizing gives the cerakote a better texture to grab on to than just raw metal. This only further improves the longevity of the coating. The increased lubricity to the inside of the upper drastically increases the reliability of the rifle by giving the BCG less friction. This in turn helps the rifle continue running in the dirtiest of situations.

Armor Lube coating on BCG

This is the most significant change we have ever made to the reliability of our rifles. Now keep in mind the previous version could run to at least 10,000 rounds with no maintenance. The new Bole Carrier Groups that are being launched today have been running to 17,000+ rounds with no cleaning or lube. On top of that they have shown less than 5% wear after that kind of abuse. Our estimate, these carriers will run more than 100,000 rounds with little maintenance. Now I would never recommend running a rifle dry but if you have to, these bad boys will do it. With this release we will be adding the option to purchase these BCGs as a standalone product.

B5 Systems Furniture

All furniture on all the rifles is moving to B5 Systems instead of Magpul. This new update will increase the functionality of the rifle by adding aggressive stippling to the grip, improving the ability to hang on in wet or dirty situations. The stock also has better functionality when wearing a plate carrier.

Check out all the new stuff and purchase the updated Mitchell Defense “The DOC” AR Rifle online today before they are out of stock!

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