Ryker Sling


The RYKER SLING, 100% made in America and veteran-owned and operated, is a professional-grade, durable sling favored by top-tier US special operators for its innovative design and superior performance.

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Introducing the RYKER SLING

The Ryker Sling is the ultimate professional-grade sling meticulously designed for discerning shooters who demand the best. This sling stands out with its slim, streamlined design, ensuring it remains lightweight and non-intrusive during use. Crafted exclusively in the USA, the RYKER SLING is built with high-quality materials, emphasizing durability and performance.

USA Steel Hardware

Unlike typical slings that often incorporate plastics or polymers, the RYKER SLING is constructed from superior USA steel. This choice of material not only enhances the sling’s overall strength but also its longevity, making it a reliable choice for professional use. The hardware, including sturdy clips and clasps, is carefully selected to withstand rigorous use and to ensure your sling remains securely attached, no matter the conditions.

Ryker Sling Retention System

This system is designed to aid shooters in maintaining a steady aim, thereby improving accuracy. Additionally, it facilitates faster follow-up shots, which can be crucial in competitive shooting or tactical scenarios. The inclusion of mil-spec QD mounts further enhances this sling’s utility, making it a comprehensive solution for any shooting need.

Used by top-tier US special operators

The Ryker Sling has proven its effectiveness and reliability in the most demanding operational environments. Its robust construction and innovative features make it the preferred choice among elite military personnel.

Multiple Color Options

Black, Black-Multi-Cam, and Traditional Multi-Cam—the Ryker Sling offers aesthetic options to suit various preferences while maintaining its functional superiority. Each style is crafted with the same attention to detail and quality, ensuring that every sling meets the high standards expected by professional shooters.

Who’s it for?

For those who require a sling that can keep pace with the most demanding situations, the Ryker sling is the definitive choice. It combines state-of-the-art design with practical features, providing a dependable, high-performance tool that enhances your shooting experience. Trust the RYKER SLING to be your partner in achieving precision and efficiency in any shooting endeavor.

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Black, Black Multicam, Traditional Multicam


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