SOIDC DOC AR15 with scope leaned against wood bench

Video Review by Hunt Fish Shoot: GWOT DOC

The video dives into the rifle’s setup, with the host showcasing various components and modifications. They highlight the inclusion of a Radiant charger and a Magpul rubberized grip, both of which enhance the rifle’s handling and usability. Additionally, the host adds a Magpul vertical grip and an Olight Odin GL 1500 lumen light with a 215-meter throw, praising their effectiveness and practicality in low-light situations.

Hunters at Dawn

Hunt Fish Shoot Review

In the review by Hunt Fish Shoot, the focus is on the Mitchell Defense SOIDC Doc rifle. Host Hunt Fish Shoot begins by introducing the rifle, explaining that “SOIDC” stands for “Special Operations Independent Duty Corpsman,” highlighting its military heritage. The host emphasizes the importance of this rifle for professionals and enthusiasts alike, underlining its practicality and versatility.